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Madewell Sale Picks

You guys know how much I love a good sale. I also love Madewell. So when Madewell has a good sale…you get the picture. They don’t offer sales as often as I’d like, so when they do I try to take advantage! Madewell is a great place to turn for basics, but they offer some beautiful […]

Crock Pot White Chicken Chili

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a recipe on here, but it’s certainly time that I shared this one! My family loooves this white chicken chili. It’s simple, delicious and full of flavor! I know that it’s finally warming up outside, but I love crock pot recipes just as much, if not more, during […]


Although my brother, the hunter, would likely give me a smirk, I’m actually a fan of camo. Dare I call it stylish, he’d probably laugh in my face. That or inform me that he’s been on top of that for years ;) Just as leopard has been a popular choice as a neutral print, I’d […]


It’s still quite chilly around here but the sun has been shining! Although I see rain over the next few days, so out come the goulashes, again! It’s funny how much weather dictates our outfits isn’t it? Any time I try to fight it, I typically end up on the losing end! I’m a sucker for […]

Spring Wardrobe Capsule 2017

I’ve been brainstorming this post for a few weeks now, and since it’s officially spring (YAY!), I figured it was time to get it out the door! I’ve had a number of discussions with women revolving around the topic of wardrobe capsules and we’ve touched on the topic on here in the past as well. […]

Bow Sweater

As soon as I saw this adorable, light-weight sweater at JCrew, I knew I loved it. I wasn’t willing to pay full-price, but it finally went on sale and it’s still fully stocked in three colors! As soon as it arrived I had visions of pairing it with my pink pants (which are a few shades […]

Dressing Room Diaries: Old Navy

With winter storm Stella crashing the party this week (or maybe she created a party for some of you?!), there was zero chance of me getting outside to do a shoot styling anything other than snow gear! Yesterday afternoon I had a chance to run my errands child-free (thanks Mom!) and some of you saw […]

Mules Rule

Mules just may be my favorite style of shoe at the moment. That is, if we could dig ourselves out of #winterstormstella and actually wear something other than snow boots! I love mules though…being able to put on my shoes without using my hands (which are typically full of children, bags, coats, waters and snacks) […]

Bandana Style

I don’t hate winter. I really don’t. I also realize that it technically still is winter. What I don’t handle well, however, is getting a rather large dose of spring-like weather only to have mother nature turn around and slap us with a snow storm. That’s just rude! But since she is the one that […]

Faux Layering

When it comes to simplifying outfits, I’m all in. I love when I come across tops that lead one to believe that I’ve nailed a layered look, when in fact, it’s all one piece to begin with! Bonus points, when the layers include ruffles, such as this one. I also came across this one that […]

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