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Plaid Over Stripes

Print/pattern mixing is one of my favorite ways to pull an outfit together. It doesn’t need to feel too difficult or overwhelming. Just follow a few broad rules such as a) mix different prints (it can be tricky to mix when they’re too similar), b) use like colors from both prints, c) use one larger […]

Pink + Burgundy

I’ve been chatting with a bunch of ladies recently about closet cleaning, purging, organizing etc., and I’m thinking I’m going to have to work something together for the blog at some point. Anyone else have a need for that? This post makes brings that to mind because, although my closet isn’t perfect, I do my best […]

Everyday Fav’s

I thought it would be fun to share some of my everyday favorites with you guys today. Some of these you’ve seen and I have discussed before (hence the favorites) and others have won me over more recently. Check them out and then scroll down to see just why they’re all a part of my […]

Valentine Inspiration

I’ve had this t-shirt tucked inside my pj drawer for months now because it is so darn comfortable that I love jumping into bed wearing it! But I broke it out over the weekend and took it for a little spin. As I was looking over my outfit, I realized that I was wearing a […]

Layered Up

I first shared this sweater on the blog a few weeks ago here, but I’ve been wearing it so often, I figured I’d give it another go-around on here! I’ve been layering it up with various flannels, button-ups and t-shirts and still can’t get enough of it. If we must endure these cold winter months, […]

Style Made Easy

Tomorrow I am speaking to a local MOPS group on developing personal style and gaining self confidence during the process. Public speaking is way out of my comfort zone. I’d much rather hide behind a computer screen and share my thoughts from my couch! But nonetheless I’m flattered to have been asked and pray that […]

Plaid Scarf

I think my secret weapon to dressing as of recently is to throw a scarf on it! Honestly, I can have on the most unimpressive outfit, but somehow throwing on a cute scarf (plaid is my current go-to) as I run out the door can quickly pull everything together. I’m not saying this turtleneck sweatshirt […]

Winter White

I hope you all have had a great week! We’ve been fighting off the stomach bug around here, but thankfully it’s been quick….hoping it stays that way! This sweater is 40% off at the moment and it is amazingly soft! It also comes in navy which I was tempted by, but the winter white ultimately […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie

As some of you know, my husband works from home. There are pros (he’s there to help me bring in the groceries and I have the freedom to run quick errands while the girls nap) and cons (he’s home for three meals a day and I need to keep the kids at a decent decibel […]

The Blues and Browns

As I was putting this outfit together, I couldn’t help but think how cute it will be when spring rolls around, minus the fur, coat and boots. So basically, a pretty peplum top paired with white denim, which I absolutely love wearing year round. This top is a deal at $18…a far cry from the price […]

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