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Monthly Archives for June 2016

Mix and Match

(click images above for details) I was in JCrew Factory over the weekend where I found some adorable summer pieces. As I was looking through the handful of things that came home with me, I realized how perfectly they all coordinated with one another. Granted, it didn’t happen on purpose, but it proves to be […]


When it comes to trends, I’m not one to typically jump on them right away. I like to see if they’ll stick around for more than a season to begin with, but then I also need to make sure that it fits my personal style. Not every trend is for every person…so don’t feel pressured […]

Festive Fourth

The 4th of July creeps up on me every single year. Just as I begin getting a handle on summer schedules/routines, I turn around and it’s time for fireworks! I enjoy dressing festive, but not so much over-the top/in your face red, white and blue. I prefer more of a subtle but intentional patriotic ensemble. […]

Santa Fe Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers have been a favorite of mine since I was little. My mom always used green peppers and stuffed them with a beef/rice mixture, topped with marinara sauce and served over a bed of rice, yum! I continue to make those every so often for my family and when I came across this Santa […]


Hope you guys had a great weekend! We hosted Father’s Day and cooked out at our place yesterday which was just a picture perfect day around here. Grilling and s’mores by the fire had everyone smiling…especially Audrey who finally got to sink her little teeth into that marshmallowy/melted chocolate goodness :) I wore this outfit to […]

Navy + Turquoise

I’ve had this basic t-shirt dress for a few years now and I continue to wear it at least a few times each year. I should let you in on a little secret…even as a blogger, I don’t replace my entire wardrobe with each new season, shocking right? ;) So it’s just as important that […]

Father’s Day 2016: Gift Guide

Father’s Day is nearly upon us, so for those of you that may be on the hunt for a little something for your father or husband, I’ve got you covered. I worked with Jack to put together an array of gifts that are right up his alley and hopefully your father/husband’s as well! Read on […]

Summer Peplum

We visited the Penn State Arboretum, one of our favorite places on campus, over the weekend. I love seeing everything in bloom and I found myself paying closer attention to things now that I have a slight interest in landscaping…or at least I’m making myself have an interest so that I can learn to manage […]

Beach Bag

With three kids home all summer, the pool is a hot spot for us! I’m assuming a few of you may be visiting the beach/pool as well, so I’ve rounded up some of my picks in the tote bag department. Whether you’re throwing in a towel/book/sunglasses for yourself or water toys/snacks/sun lotion/diapers/change of clothes/water/bandaids/more snacks etc […]

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