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2015 Reflections

This post has yet to be written and I already love it. What was potentially going to be a lounging around the home outfit post (in large part due to the non-stop rain) has transformed into a reflection period for me. I’ll still give you the details at the end because these fleece leggings and […]

Sherpa Vest

My family tells me I’m too difficult to buy for. I don’t get it ;) Over the years my husband has learned that it’s much easier to stalk my Pinterest board or ask me for a wish list that he can choose gifts from. Lucky for me, he selected this vest as a birthday present […]

Mint Chocolate Macaroons

Oh the holidays. Christmas celebrations, family, food, presents, and cookies. Lots of cookies! I always have my favorite chocolate chip cookies on hand, but I like to play with new recipes as well. This year I decided to go with Mint Chocolate Macaroons. Chocolate Covered Macaroon’s are a favorite of mine and these were a […]

A Little Bling

I enjoy getting dressed up every chance that I can. Be it a formal affair or merely an evening out, any excuse to step out of my everyday wardrobe is exciting. I love the holidays for that very reason. Not that I necessarily have to be formally dressed, but any added bling is deemed acceptable. […]

Plaid + Stripes

Happy Friday guys! Today also happens to be my birthday…yay?! I love birthdays, but just as I’d love to slow the years down for my kids, I’d also throw that request in for myself. 30’s are kind of fun and I want them to stay around as long as they can. To start off my […]

Stocking Stuffers: for the kids!

So how’s everyone’s shopping coming along? I took inventory the other night on what I had gathered thus far and I think our kids will be happy. For me, what always comes down to the last minute are those pesky stocking stuffers! I’m still working on that here, but I’ve gathered some of my kid’s […]

The Perfect Wrap/Cardigan

I’ve had this cardigan since last Christmas when I gifted them to my mother and sisters in law and threw one into the basket for myself! I’m honestly not quite sure how it has not made it onto the blog yet. It’s more of a wrap/cardigan combo, but unlike a wrap, you’re able to move […]

Gift Guide: The Guys

Today I’m tackling the gift guide for the most difficult person on my list, my husband! Although this list won’t do me much good because all of these items are tried, tested and given full approval by JackĀ himself. But for all of you on the hunt for the perfect guy gift (be it your husband, […]

Crockpot Beef & Cheese Pasta

I use my crockpot all year long because I love the idea of having dinner ready and clean up complete before evening sets in. Especially with young children, those late afternoon hours can be some of the most hectic of the day. It’s typically when everyone decides they ‘need me’ and ‘hanger’ creeps in…it’s not […]

Sweaters and Coats

It’s no secret that I love to shop. But I also do my best to stick to budgets and take pride in scoring deals. I also keep my closet in check by selling and donating clothes as I sort through it a few times a year. When I was looking through my sweaters at the […]

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