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Monthly Archives for January 2015

High Five for Friday

What a week! I see that those of you out west have been enjoying some pretty decent weather while those of us on the east coast have had quite a different story. We started off the week with two snow days and a lot of effort on my part to keep my two little ones […]

Out with the Old

And by out, I literally mean digging it out of your closet. At this point in the winter, I tend to become bored with any purchases I made at the begin of the season. Maybe not bored necessarily, but I realize what I’ve been over-wearing as winter continues to drag on. That’s when I start […]

Valentine Gift Guide for the Mini’s

It’a hard to believe Valentine’s Day is approaching so quickly. Although my husband stole my heart long ago, it’s most certainly shared with my children. I enjoy playing up the holiday (although I typically forbid my husband from paying for over-priced flowers the day-of) and love dressing them up in appropriate apparel and gifting them […]

Avocado Chicken Sandwich

I realize that I should be posting some overindulgent recipes for you all to enjoy during the Superbowl this weekend, but I hope you’re not too disappointed. Let’s think of this as the healthy lunch you could enjoy prior to your overindulging later that evening? I’ve been seeing a lot of versions of this recipe […]

In the Wild

After purchasing and becoming quite fond of this sweater coat, I knew it would be beneficial to add more to my closet. What I love about this one (in addition to the colors) is that it is perfect for fall, winter and spring and I look forward to putting it to use! I also love […]

High Five for Friday

Hey Friday! Did this week fly or was it just me? We enjoyed the week and even the snow. I love when we get a beautiful blanket of snow, it’s such a beautiful sight before it all turns to slush. I wasn’t out playing with the kids this time around, but I hear snow angels […]

Keeping it Casual

It can be rather frustrating looking into your closet and realizing that you can’t fit into the majority of your clothing. Although I’ve added a few t-shirts (which are necessary) I’m still doing my best to avoid much maternity shopping this (last) time around. It has little appeal to me anyway, so it’s honestly not […]

For Your Bride to Be

I don’t know if I should proclaim this as the year of the weddings or the year of the babies because both seem to be in full swing. Although babies are certainly on my mind, for good reason, I’m going to chat about the bride’s-to-be in your life. I realize it’s convenient and appreciated by […]

Green Smoothie (with a side of sweet pea)

Being the one that’s in charge of the grocery shopping, and basically all of the food choices for our family, can be quite the task. I do my best to make healthy choices in order to set a good example and hopefully set our children up for a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives. This isn’t […]


It’s hard to go wrong with a cute tee and a blazer. I realized that most of my blazers were on the neutral side in navy and grey, so when I found this one in blush I knew my closet needed to have it. I should also mention that it’s a great maternity piece allowing […]

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