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Monthly Archives for November 2014

Toy Guide

Although we try not to overindulge our children, they have certainly ended up with their fair share of toys over the years. I can’t speak for the older ages yet, but for ages 0-5, I’m well aware of what their favorites have become. I put together 11 toys that have been played with regularly over […]

Veggie Soup

In my never ending attempt at getting as many vegetables as possible into my children (and myself, who am I kidding), I’m always on the lookout for recipes to add to my collection. Soups, which are extremely popular in our home, ¬†are one of the easiest ways for me to accomplish this. We make a […]

Bow + Fur Detail

While browsing through Target the other week, doing my best not to get sucked into the black hole of shopping, I happened upon this blouse. I loved the neutral color and the playful bow detail. I paired it here with my fur vest and LOFT pants which have both been on heavy rotation in my […]

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Are you all adjusted from the time change? I’m sure those of you without little ones adjusted quite easily and the rest of you are still waking up an hour early :) Thankfully it’s not as bad as when my two were infants, but my 2 yo has most certainly been up early […]

Pumpkin Time

I know that many of you are new readers since last year, so I wanted to share two of my favorite pumpkin recipes with you before you begin prepping your Thanksgiving meals. One is a fairly labor intensive pumpkin pie that is more than worth the work. Leave it to Smitten Kitchen to come up […]

Chocolate Cherry Coca-Cola Cake

Over the past few years I’ve become quite a fan of making bundt cakes. In part, I’d say it’s because they look beautiful, but in all honesty it’s mainly because they are much simpler to prepare than making full blown cakes, and taking the time to ice and decorate them. I’ve also been fascinated by […]

Wardrobe Revamp

I recently had a college friend reach out asking what key pieces I would add to a closet for the fall/winter seasons. Last year she was wearing maternity clothes before she gave birth to a beautiful son, and this year she feels like her closet needs some refreshing. Whether you’re working your way out of […]

Adding Some Fur

Sometimes I love change and sometimes I despise it. When it comes to hair, I tend to change it up quite frequently. I get bored. I can get carried away going short and then when it’s time to grow it out a bit I literally want to rip the hair out of my head. I […]

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